The service offered is a canine massage at your residence. To maximize the experience I require  a calm area with your dog’s favorite bed or blanket.

COVID-19 Preventive Measures

  • I am fully vaccinated
  • I will wear a mask.
  • I will change clothing between appointments.
  • I will wash my hands before and after the appointment.
  • The owner and anyone else present will need to wear a mask if they are within 2 m distance from me.


The price is based on two parts; the length of the massage and the travel time.

The length of the massage is established by the dog’s size. This is to ensure I have enough time to complete the massage.

    • Small – 20 minutes
      up to 11.7 kg (25 lb.)
    • Medium – 35 minutes
      11.8 to 27.2 kg (26 to 60 lb.)
    • Large – 45 minutes
      Over 27.2 kg (60 lb.)

The travel time includes the round trip. If you have more than one dog that needs a massage, the travel time will be divided by the number of massages.


A cold laser therapy treatment can be added to the massage for an additional $20 fee per dog.