We had the pleasure of seeing Christine at work with our two Shelties, Naîa and Chelsea. Christine was what I would call a “Dog Whisperer” to Chelsea and gave her good massages even if Chelsea has the typical Sheltie “standoffish temperament” she does not necessarily seek to be petted or to receive hugs. As soon as Christine entered the house, her good energy calmed our “barking welcoming committee” … and their humans ( emoji happy face). The massages were just as good for us as for the girls... especially with the background music. I absolutely recommend Christine’s services.
Both my dogs have benefited greatly from their experiences with PAWZzz Massage. Christine is very thorough, knowledgeable, and gentle. She is skilled at understanding the individual needs of my dogs and seamlessly adjusts her approach and technique depending on their personalities and temperaments. She can easily gain their trust and is a calming presence for my dogs who truly enjoy their visits. Whether you are seeking pain relief for your dog or a calming therapeutic experience for a skittish pup I highly recommend Christine.
She gets 8/8 paws up from my dogs!
Christine is absolutely amazing! My 18-year old dog, a bit set in her ways, and my 13-year old dog, who's always been anxious, both are on cloud 9 at the end of their massages. Christine is so patient with them and the massages make them feel so good.
Christine came to my place to massage my dogs. She takes her time and follows the dogs' rhythm. She speaks calmly and plays relaxing background music to help calm them. She takes into consideration the dogs’ conditions and preferences. For example: Quest fractured his coccyx when he was 6 months old. This is a sensitive area for him. She works on the surrounding muscles to help his flexibility and she takes her time. Nana hates to have her paws touched so she didn’t touch them. Christine listens to her canine patients and treats them calmly and with love. I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs her service